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Job Title: Sales Engineer
  • 1. Maintain long-term relationships with current customers to secure and renew orders; Perform whole-process services to customers;
  • 2. Collect and analyze market information, develop news customers;
  • 3. Eager to learn new knowledge of tire industry, keep improving oneself in professional knowledge, advanced technology and management ability.
Knowledge and skills:
  • 1. Familiar with tire raw materials;
  • 2. Good knowledge of industry, products, and applications.
  • 3. Good communication and cooperation skills;
  • 4. Bachelor of polymer materials or other related chemistry majors;
  • 5. Hardworking and highly self motivated, excellent English is preferred;
We provide::
  • 1. Competitive salary system: high basic salary + highest commission in subjected industry+ team reward + real-time bonus + year-end bonus + promotion;
  • 2. Five social insurances, provident funds, supplementary medical insurance;
  • 3. Comfortable working environment and tea break everyday;
  • 4. Subsidies in transportation, lunch, telephone, laptop...etc;
  • 5. Holiday benefits, paid annual leave, regular health examination...etc;
  • 6. Regular team building activities, internal and external training, oversea team building travel...etc;
  • 7. Including every employees in drawing up the performance management system, help employees improve performance and plan career development.
Who we are:

Crown chemical was established in 2007, Business is based on tire industry, covering import and export of tire raw materials.High-quality workforce is the foundation of Crown's rapid development. The company provides employees with a broad development platform and generous benefits. The combination of internal and external training makes employees grow rapidly.

We are looking forward ambitious new blood join us! 

Crown's talent view:

Identify with corporate culture, work ethnic, highly self motivated and outstanding professional skills;


Clear responsibilities and teamwork;


The investment in talent is the wisest investment of an enterprise, and the development of employees is the development of the enterprise;

Attract talent:

career, culture, opportunity, emotional and benefit;

Standard working time:
5 days a week, except for national statutory holidays
Manager Liu : 13475428521 Ms. Zhang : 15553133806

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